Getting up and running with Cassandra on ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial will assume that you are running a linux machine as Cassandra is not meant to be used in production on windows machines and I have no idea how to install or run it on a mac.

Step 1.

Remove openJDK from your machine and replace it with sun-jdk

Next we have to install the sun jdk-6, but first this step will require install python software properties

Next step is to install java from the newly added repository

There we go! now we have replaced the openjdk with the stable sun java6 jdk

Step 2.

Download cassandra

We will have to add the following sources to our sources.list file

just open up /etc/apt/sources.list and add them in there anywhere. save the file, and use

Step 3.

Configure cassandra before trying to run.

open up the file /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml and look for the section that says “listen_address” and the part that says “rpc_address”
Change both of these to the local address of your machine. (mine is

open up the file /etc/cassandra/
Look for the part that says JXM_PORT and keep in mind that this is where you will change the jxm port if there is some kind of jxm port conflict.

Step 4.

Start up cassandra!
sudo cassandra

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